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phys2bids is a python3 library meant to format physiological files in BIDS. At the moment, it supports:

  • .acq, .txt, and .mat AcqKnowledge format (BIOPAC)

  • .txt and .mat LabChart format (ADInstruments)

  • .smr Spike2 format (CED)

  • GE MRI file format (GE).

We want to offer as much support as possible! If you have a file format that you want to see added, open an issue about it!

While we aim at supporting all MRI proprietary physiological file formats, at the moment we only supports GE MRI scanners. You can find software that will work with files from other MRI scanner types here.

We’re looking for code contributors, and any suggestion/bug report is welcome! Feel free to open issues!

This project follows the all contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

Citing phys2bids

If you use phys2bids, please cite it using the Zenodo DOI that you can find here:

We also support gathering all relevant citations via DueCredit.